Glambook Pro: Elevating Success - How Aisha Malik achieved streamlining operations and saved more than 6 hours a week on manual operation.

Glambook Pro: Elevating Success - How Aisha Malik achieved streamlining operations and saved more than 6 hours a week on manual operation.

Can you share your journey in the beauty industry and when you started your independent business?

I registered as a self-employed beauty therapist in 2019. Initially based in a salon, circumstances led me to embrace mobile beauty temporarily. The success of mobile services and the high demand prompted me to make it a permanent choice.

What booking system were you using before Glambook Pro, and why did you seek an alternative?

Before Glambook Pro, I relied on a paper diary for managing my mobile business. Notes on my phone's diary helped schedule appointments, and clients had to resort to texts or calls to arrange bookings. Working with mobile beauty companies posed challenges in juggling multiple diaries, leading to missed or double-booked appointments.

How has Glambook Pro transformed your business, and can you share any quantifiable improvements?

Since adopting Glambook Pro, I've experienced a remarkable 6 hourrs per week reduction in time spent on back-and-forth communication. This not only saved time but also prevented potential client loss due to delayed responses. The platform has streamlined processes, resolving issues such as appointment confirmations and significantly reducing both time and frustration.

How does Glambook Pro impact your overall confidence in your business?

Glambook Pro has boosted my confidence by providing a professional website and a seamless booking system. The positive feedback from clients about its aesthetics and user-friendliness adds to the overall professional image, making me feel more assured in my business.

What new possibilities has Glambook Pro opened up for you that were previously unavailable?

Glambook Pro has eliminated the constant back-and-forth with clients, allowing them to manage bookings independently on my website. This has not only given me back my social life but has also improved my private life by reducing late-night work-related stress. The platform's all-in-one solution has made a significant impact on both my personal and professional life.

What advice would you give to independent beauty businesses still relying on a phone diary?

I highly recommend Glambook Pro. It goes beyond being just a booking system, offering the opportunity to build a professional website. The consolidated solution not only enhances professionalism but also saves costs as it combines website, booking, and payment systems. The monthly investment with Glambook Pro is genuinely worthwhile, providing a unique, all-inclusive solution unmatched by other software in the market.